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5 Basics Of Branding Your Real Estate Business

Your brand is the backbone of your business.

It represents how people think and feel about you when you’re not around. It reflects your personality, how you do business, and how dedicated you are to your craft. It's way more than just your logo and your headshot plastered onto every piece of marketing material you can find.

Use these five easy tips to go above the basic and build the best brand you can:

1. Identify Your Ideal Client

The natural instinct is to serve everyone, but frankly, that’s how many companies and individuals fail. The most successful people focus on superior service toward a specific type of customer; in other words, they develop a specialty.

At first, you may feel like you’re excluding the rest of the world and, therefore, missing out on a large amount of money you could be making. However, focusing on one specific type of customer will help you develop a defined brand and will bring more business. This doesn’t mean you never conduct business outside of your specific focus, but over time, you will do more and more of the exact kind of business you want.

2. Be Genuine

Your brand is an extension of you, and it should be based on the qualities you’re known for among your sphere of influence. You should be able to “breathe your brand” in everything you do without feeling as though it’s a facade. There is a tremendous amount of confidence that comes with knowing that you are who you portray yourself to be and that you have the habits, inspiration, and knowledge to back it up.

3. Own The Experience

What are you doing to live up to your brand throughout the house hunt or transaction process? Your brand encompasses the entire experience. Everything from the materials you present and food you serve at an open house to the way you conduct yourself at showing appointments is a testament to your brand. You’re either backing it up or contradicting it - there is no in between.

4. Imagery Is Everything

Images are the reason people have any interest in real estate at all - it’s why HGTV and Pinterest are so popular. Photos and videos tell a story and create an experience that your potential clients will remember.

Low quality photos are a reflection of your dedication and attention to detail. Your listing photos, print materials, and website imagery should be high quality, professional, and relevant to the topic at hand.

5. Gain A Brand Advantage

When comes to something as life-changing as buying or selling a home, clients are more likely to trust what they know rather than take a risk with something new. RE/MAX leads national real estate brands as the name clients know and trust most. That means instant recognition for your business before buyers and sellers even meet you.