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6 Steps To Strengthening Your Online Presence

Feeling like your online presence could use a facelift? Impress potential clients with an online presence that shows off just how awesome you are. Follow these steps and watch your digital world boom.

1. Post regularly on your social media pages

A social media page that hasn’t been touched in months can give clients the impression that you’re no longer in business. Social media profiles that are regularly updated convey to customers that you are active and in-the-know. Stressed out by the thought of social media? Invest in tools like Back At You Media or Keeping Current Matters to keep your channels updated with minimal effort on your part.

2. Ask for Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews

With 86% of consumer consulting online reviews before visiting or using a local business, the sale starts before you even know your client exists. Having an abundance of reviews across the internet proves credibility and legitimacy to those who don’t know you yet and helps you stand out from competitors. Remember: people you don’t know will trust what is said about you more than what is said by you.

3. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Having a website that looks great on desktop and mobile devices is crucial to keeping an awesome online presence. More and more, mobile usage is surpassing desktop as the way most people prefer to surf the web. By having a website that is only functional on a desktop computer, you’re alienating over half of your audience and unknowingly turning away potential clients who will click elsewhere to find what they’re looking for.

4. Spend time networking

Just like life outside of cyberspace, networking is key in getting your name out there and staying at the top of people’s minds. Comment on Facebook posts, engage in discussions on LinkedIn, and join the conversation for industry-related hashtags on Twitter. Instead of scrolling aimlessly, make it a goal to comment on 3 posts each time you open your social apps.

5. Blog

Want to be perceived as an expert, bring more traffic to your website, and have something valuable to post on social media? Start blogging. From house hunting tips for buyers to renovation tips for homeowners, there’s an endless list of topics to choose from. A great rule of thumb is to ask yourself “is this an article I would click on?” before publishing anything.

6. Use incredible imagery

It’s 2020. There’s no excuse to not have amazing photos featured across all of your internet platforms. No dark, blurry, or grainy images allowed. This includes listing photos! If your listing photos are not taken by a professional, you are doing yourself and your clients a huge disservice. For everything else, there’s a goldmine of royalty free stock photos waiting for you. Check out Pexels, Unsplash, Stock Up, and Pixabay.