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8 Things To Expect In Your First Year In Real Estate

Starting a new career in real estate often comes with a huge learning curve. There's new tech, fancy terms, and new levels of discipline to discover. Prepare for any pitfalls that may await you in your first year by memorizing these tips.

1. Your budget is your best friend.

Keep a spreadsheet to track your expenses, save for any can’t-miss opportunities that may pop up, and only invest in marketing efforts that you are willing to stay consistent with.

2. Hard work is how you’ll find lasting results.

Don’t buy into “get-rich-quick” schemes that promise a quick payoff with little effort. Longevity and legacy in this industry is earned, not bought.

3. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are thousands of legalities surrounding a real estate transaction. If you aren’t absolutely certain about something, ask your manager! There’s no such thing as a silly question.

4. Attitude is everything.

87% of real estate agents don’t make it past their first few years in the business. If you think you can’t succeed, you won’t succeed.

5. It’s nothing like HGTV promised.

You’re not just a “House Hunter.” You’re an educator, a counselor, a babysitter, a financial advisor, and a life coach.

6. The learning never stops.

Your classes may be complete, but there’s still a never-ending wealth of knowledge waiting for you through trainings, books, seminars, and certification courses.

7. Your database IS your business.

Invest in a CRM you love, constantly look for ways to deliver value to your sphere, and always ask for referrals.

8. Learn to say no.

By trying to be everything for everyone and making yourself accessible 24/7, you’re setting yourself up for burnout. Block out time in your calendar to enjoy your hobbies, hit the gym, and be with family and friends. Your business will suffer when you don’t.