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Daily Tasks You Can't Afford To Skip

Have big real estate dreams but not sure where to start? Add these tasks to your daily routine and watch as your business blossoms.

1. Connecting with your sphere of influence

As soon as your real estate license is active, you should be on the phone letting everyone know about your exciting new career. Friends, family, neighbors, church members, Facebook connections, co-workers… your sphere is likely much larger than you think!

We recommend that new agents aim to reach out to at least 100 people and grow from there. Don’t forget to follow up by sending a handwritten “thank you” note to everyone you talk to. This will keep you top of mind!

2. Cold calling

Whether you choose to call FSBOs or use a paid service like Cole Realty Resource, cold calling can be a great (albeit, tedious) way to get your foot in the door. Yes, you will face rejection. Plenty of it. But once you book your first appointment, you’ll be hungry for more. Experts suggest calling Tuesday through Friday from 8AM - 10PM or 4PM - 6PM. Block off a few non-negotiable hours on your calendar each day and start dialing!

3. Farming or door knocking

Hate talking on the phone? Win over property owners in person! Pick a neighborhood you’d love to sell in or set up an MLS search to receive notifications as listings are marked expired. Dress professionally with some comfortable shoes and start knocking on doors!

Drop off marketing pieces, business cards, and neighborhood sales info. Make sure you know your stats before you start! Over time, residents will start to recognize your name and begin to see you as the go-to person to sell their home.

4. Set up your social media

Setting up business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is an easy, inexpensive way to promote your business and develop your personal brand. Set aside a small weekly budget to promote an ad in your community focusing on driving traffic to your website or watching a video about you and your services.

Note: there is a big difference between building your social media brand and wasting your time! Too often, agents convince themselves that the hours they spend scrolling are for “business purposes.” All the social media attention in the world can’t compare to getting people on the phone and face-to-face!

5. Become best friends with your CRM

Trying to keep track of every client you’re talking to is a nearly impossible task if you are relying on memory and sticky notes alone. Having a CRM that is easy to use and that you enjoy using is absolutely crucial if you’re looking to build and continually grow your business. You need a system that will help you stay on top off the ball at all times - reminding you to follow up, keeping communication and notes in one place, and prioritizing who you should focus on first.

6. Stick to the plan

Repeat after me: all good things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your real estate business is no different. Keep your focus on your goals and don’t let your will to succeed fade. The day-to-day tasks can become monotonous, but they are crucial to your success. If you feel your drive fading, listen to empowering podcasts, read a book, or find a real estate coach. Remind yourself everyday why you became a Realtor!