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The 5 Secrets To Success From Winning Agents

There's no one secret to succeeding in real estate, but put these tips into place and we promise you'll see a big difference in your bottom line.

Write Out Your Goals

Agents who have clear and specific goals written down are proven to be more successful. Who doesn’t want that? Find a comfy spot, pour yourself a drink, and put pen to paper. Seeing your goals written out will help you organize your thoughts and form an action plan to make them a reality.

Get Your Own Email

You are the entrepreneur of your own business and every detail should reflect that! Sign up with Google Suite for as little as $5/month to get a custom domain and bask in all of the awesome benefits that come along with it. Don’t forget to forward your brokerage email to your new one!

Build Out Your Database

Your business will live or die by your database! Compile emails, addresses, and phone numbers for every person you know and keep them in one place. Invest in a CRM that you’ll actually enjoy using and keep your eyes on it at all times.

Track Your Mileage

The irony of working in real estate: we’re all about houses, but it feels like we’re living out of our cars. Get rewarded for your time behind the wheel by tracking your miles and taking them to your accountant at tax time. We’ve tried a ton of different tracking apps, but MileIQ takes the cake for convenience.

Create A Budget & Stick With It

Want to know why the Realtor fail rate is so high? Here it is. Create a spreadsheet that breaks down all of your personal expenses (no lattes left behind!) to get a better picture of how much can go towards your business. Don’t forget to save for the future and set aside an emergency fund for any unexpected droughts.